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I have the same approach to naming days as other ceremonies – I will meet you and your family as often as needed to make the day perfect. 

When my daughter and son were born, I felt a huge sense of responsibility about naming them.  I thought about how the name I chose would stay with the child for the whole of their life.  That name will be used in applications to potential employers, on university applications, on their driving licence, tax forms, perhaps emblazoned on a book they write, in their wedding ceremony, and at their funeral.  It is our chief identifier throughout our lives.

A naming ceremony offers the ideal occasion to share the hopes, dreams and aspirations a family feel for this new human in their life.  It can be a quirky party, or a more quiet and reflective time.  I will create the ceremony which you are comfortable with.


I have a bubble gun to keep the young ones interested and engaged.  I will make sure all your guests play a part.  I will liaise with all the guide parents and can help them write their promises to your child.  We will make it a beautiful occasion to remember with your child at the centre of the day.

My fee is fixed at £250.  You pay a deposit of £50 and the balance two weeks before the ceremony, or by instalments of £50 per month.

I conduct naming ceremonies in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.
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