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I work closely with you and the Funeral Director to ensure that every detail of each funeral is correct.


I will help make a funeral truly personal, adding touches to remind everyone of the essence of the person who has died and the legacy they leave behind.  There are no traditional constraints with a natural burial or cremation – , it is about the person. So, if your Aunt Ethel wanted bubbles, fancy dress, and a game of bingo at her final goodbye, she can!

In the midst of feeling sad and overwhelmed, I will be with you to create a meaningful, joyful goodbye to reflect your loved one's personality whilst respecting any wishes of the deceased.  I will visit so you can show me photos and memorabilia. I will listen to your stories about your relative or friend over a cup of tea.  I will help you, work out what music, singing, tributes, readings, and personal touches to include in the life celebration.  These are elements of a funeral which bring memories flooding back.

Most funerals will be for elderly people who have lived a long life, and that mostly feels just and honourable, but no less sad.  But of course, tragically sometimes those we love die far, far too soon. However old or young your loved one, and whatever the circumstances of their death, I will create a ceremony to celebrate their life, long or short, and the impact their life had on others.

After the funeral, I will provide you with a copy of the ceremony in a folder, including eulogies and tributes as a keepsake.

My fee will be included in the Funeral Director’s invoice but if you wish to discuss this with me, please do not hesitate.

I also sit with elderly or terminally ill people to plan and write their funeral.  This often gives comfort to them and to their family, knowing that the funeral will be exactly as they wished.

I can celebrate a life too at Scattering of Ashes and Memorial ceremonies.
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